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Posted by on Dec 19, 2013 in Animals, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Freezing raw meaty bones (deep freezer)

Freezing raw meaty bones (deep freezer)

Raw meaty bones are great for dogs. From the protein and phosphorus in the meat to the calcium in the bone. The chewing and tearing also cleans their teeth and strengthens the muscles in their neck and shoulders. But as you can imagine the storing of raw meaty bones can be quite difficult. The only sensible way to store them is by freezing them, but that too can be difficult because if they are frozen together in a block of ice, you’re not getting them apart with out a load of extra work.

The trick to freezing raw meaty bones individually is to freeze them without them touching each other. The same way you would freeze berries on a baking pan. Now, since bones are much bigger than berries you’re going to need a big platform to freeze them on and also a deep freezer where you can place your platform level. You most certainly could freeze the bones in a normal freezer on a baking pan, Just lay them in the pan without them touching each other too much, and freeze until solid (normally over night). It’s just going to take you forever, depending on how much you’re freezing. I normally freeze the bones from full deer carcasses, so I need to do a lot at one time.

Thing’s you’ll need:
• Deep freezer
• large piece of cardboard
• Aluminum foil
• Tape
• Container or trash bag to store them in the freezer once fully frozen.

Step one: Making your freezing platform. I made mine out of cardboard and covered it with foil, so the meaty bones wouldn’t soak into the cardboard and freeze to it.


Make sure your platform is able to go inside the deep freezer and sit level before putting the foil on it.



After you have your platform covered in foil, and it’s able to go inside the freezer, place the bones on the foil without them touching each other too much.


It’s okay if they touch a little bit, you can snap them apart after they are frozen, but if they freeze into a block you’re going to have a hell of a time getting them apart.

MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT TOUCH THE RAW MEAT TO THE SIDES OF YOUR FREEZER. It also wouldn’t be a bad idea to wash the freezer out after your project is done.

Once they’re frozen solid, you can store them in the freezer on top of each other. I’ve been trying to find a container that will fit in my freezer, but for now I’ve just been storing them in a trash bag.



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