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I will try to make this about page as cheeseless as possible, but I feel a cheesy about me page on a site called “Blissism” is unavoidable. So bear with me.

I’m Winston. I’m a jack of all trades kind of guy, who enjoys dabbling in as many different things as possible. My major passions are writing, music, psychology, farming, and learning. I also enjoy reading, playing chess, comedy, health, fitness, martial arts, cooking, anthropology, camping/survival, drawing, and more. I hope to achieve as much happiness as possible in life and spread as much as I can around.

My goal is to go through life as open-minded and unbiased as possible, learning as much as I can about the world, humans, and our place within the world. While taking the things I learn and forming a lifestyle out of what works best, and discarding what doesn’t. I will try to pick the views and ideas within my life by their scientific or time proven effectiveness, and not by my personal preconceived notions or for any social reasons. I will try not to form my views and ideas of the world from what those around me think or what is popular, but I will also try not to accept or denounce things solely based on its popularity. I will think critically about each side of every issue, and be open to change if I am wrong. I will constantly look to improve myself, my view of the world, and how I spend my life within it.

This site is my way of documenting my journey for the maximum amount of happiness my life will allow, helping people do the same with their lives, and also giving people a place to learn useful information that everyone should have access to and to do it in a fun, simple, and easy to understand way…

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